Management Team


Janelle Christensen, MSW
Executive Director

Janelle has been involved with the Family Support & Treatment Center in various ways since 2010. Starting out as a volunteer, Janelle spent time with children in the nursery while completing her undergrad program and stayed for her internship. She has since been the agency’s Houseparent, Education Specialist, Parent Advocate, and even receptionist for a little while. She returned to Family Support after completing her MSW at Columbia University. Janelle is passionate about helping individuals and families live a happy, healthy life and truly believes that the services offered at Family Support make a lasting difference for our community. She feels incredibly fortunate to work with and be a part of such a fantastic team.

When she isn’t at work, Janelle enjoys going on walks, watching cooking shows, reading young adult novels, and mostly playing with her three children.

Emily Steele 2

Emily Steele, LCSW, RPT
Treatment Coordinator

Emily has experience working with children, adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma. As the Treatment Coordinator her time is shared between administrative, supervisory and therapy responsibilities. She has worked with children and their parents in several settings, including Primary Children’s Medical Center and the Utah State Hospital. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University in 2015 and 2017, respectively. She has conducted and presented research studying parent-child relationships as well as various treatment modalities used to address combat trauma. Emily takes a client-centered approach to therapy, believing that the client is the expert. She enjoys helping people discover their own solutions and is confident in the ability that all people have to heal and progress. Emily’s specialties include trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, parenting and family relationships. Emily has been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Focused CBT, Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy.

Emily enjoys traveling, hiking, art, music, and candles that smell nice. When not in the office, you will likely find Emily in the mountains or at a Thai restaurant.

Rachelle Hardman
Prevention Coordinator

Rachelle began working at the Family Support & Treatment Center in 2007, after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Social Work from Utah Valley University. As the Parent Advocate, she traveled nearly a third of the state, providing parent education to many families who had limited access to resources in their communities. She is passionate about showing all families dignity and respect, and her own experience as a single parent helped her to manage the delicate balance of advocating for both parents and children in difficult situations.

In 2012, Rachelle became the Coordinator for the agency’s Crisis Respite Nursery, a position in which her relaxed manner quickly puts both children and parents at ease. She is able to see past the frustration parents feel or the rage in a child’s eyes to help them express their feelings of fear and pain. As the current Prevention Coordinator, she supervises a team of Education Specialists in addition to her responsibilities to the Crisis Nursery and its staff.

In April 2018, Rachelle was honored as the recipient of the Professional of the Year award by the Utah County Child Abuse Prevention Team. Her service to the agency, its children and families, and to the community at large represents a belief that each of us matters and together we can accomplish great things.

Joy O'Banion

Joy O'Banion, LCSW, RPT-S
Director of Strategy

In November 2012, the Board of Directors of the Family Support & Treatment Center officially named the building in honor of Joy A. O’Banion to recognize her unwavering personal commitment and ongoing years of service to the organization. Joy served as the agency’s Executive Director for over 25 years from August 1989 through September 2014. Currently, as Director of Strategy, Joy remains an integral part of decision making and adherence to the agency’s mission. However, she now spends more time as a therapist, working directly with the individuals, children and family she loves. She holds Master’s degrees in both Sociology and Social Work; she is licensed at the LCSW level; and she is certified as Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. Joy’s clinical experience includes working with both adult and child victims of abuse as well as other issues related to trauma. She specializes in Play Therapy and especially enjoys working with children and parents who struggle with relationship difficulties.

Treatment Team

Stuart Harper

Stuart Harper, LCSW, RPT-S

Stuart received his MSW degree from BYU and has worked at Family Support for more than twenty years. He is extremely committed to the often undervalued principle of the therapeutic relationship being most essential in the healing process. Because of this, Stuart is drawn to practice models that are grounded in Carl Rogers’ Client Centered theory. It is his belief that working with people’s abuse, trauma, attachment, loss or other general mental health concerns is  considered an honor. His love for children motivates him to maintain the post-graduate credential of Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. Stuart also teaches child safety classes at the Utah County Children’s Justice Center, and is an adjunct professor at BYU in the graduate school of social work.

When not working he can be found spending time in the outdoors, cheering his children on at soccer events, watching the History Channel, or scrounging thrift stores for vinyl records.

Kerri Robison

Kerri Robinson, LCSW

Kerri received her MSW from Brigham Young University and has worked as a psychotherapist at Family Support & Treatment Center for twenty years. She is committed to her work at this agency with children, teens, adults and their families in their own individual journey to grow and to heal. She believes that the interaction between the therapeutic relationship and the power inside an individual to make changes does positively affect his or her life. She feels honored to be able to facilitate and witness the healing process in her work as a therapist. She has experience working with those struggling with depression, anxiety, divorce, single-parenting and step-family adjustment. Her love includes working with children using play therapy and experiential modalities.

Outside of her clinical practice, Kerri has written an article in Helping and Healing our Families: Principles and Practices published by Brigham Young University about single parent dating, addressing and balancing the issues and needs of both the parent and child.

Lindsay Howard

Lindsay Howard, LCSW

Lindsay received her bachelor’s degree (Family Studies) and MSW from BYU. Before her work at FSTC, she worked with victims of abuse at Utah County’s Children’s Justice Center, as well as youth and adults in crisis. Lindsay’s focus for the last several years has been helping children, teens, and adults heal from trauma and abuse. She also helps individuals with general mood and anxiety disorders. Lindsay has received training in play therapy, sand tray, CBT, DBT, Trauma Focused CBT, and parent-child relationships. She uses her knowledge of these methods in her practice.

Lindsay loves to go to new places and on adventures, big and small. Lindsay appreciates her time outside camping and hiking. She enjoys painting with watercolors and acrylics. Lindsay likes to begin art projects and learn new forms of art. In her free time, she likes to read, bake, and spend time with her family and friends.

Chase Morgan, LCSW

Chase grew up in Provo, Utah and received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University and his MSW from Brigham Young University. He joined our team in June of 2018 and specializes in working with anxiety, depression, and trauma. He previously worked for four years with teenagers to improve their behavioral and mental health. He has also worked at an adult crisis center and a substance abuse treatment facility to help clients on their path to healing.

Chase likes to take a client-centered approach to therapy to help his clients heal and grow from the difficult experiences in their lives. He has received training in Sand Tray, Play Therapy, and Trauma-Focused CBT, along with interventions from CBT, DBT, Attachment Theory, and mindfulness practice. Chase uses these therapeutic interventions in his work with children, teens, and adults. Chase enjoys working with the parents of his children and teen clients to help them feel empowered on their journey of helping their children heal and grow.

Chase is also fluent in Spanish from his time spent in Central America and Spain. He loves to travel and be adventurous with his young family. He loves all things sports, particularly golf, baseball, skiing, rock climbing, and hiking. He uses his love for the outdoors to connect with his clients and help them find the potential within them.

Tanra Hill

Tanra Hill, CSW

Tanra’s greatest joy as a Clinical Social Worker has been witnessing the great power people have in healing and growth. It is a privilege to learn with and walk beside those who have experienced trauma as they reconnect to themselves, their relationships and the purpose and joy in their lives. Her belief is that it is not as important what happens to us, rather what happens within us.

 She completed her MSW degree in Social Work and Trauma Certification at BYU with a minor in Legal Studies and research in High-Conflict Divorce. Previously she worked with Wasatch Mental Health and the Children’s Justice Center in trauma-informed treatment and facilitating children and adult trauma groups. Specific training includes: EMDR, Trauma-Focused CBT and Play Therapy. Her loves are her family, work, growing things, the outdoors, music, dancing, reading, her hammock, baseball, board games and living outside the box.

Holly Brassfield

Holly Brassfield, CSW

Holly received her MSW from Brigham Young University where she loved studying trauma informed practice and received a Trauma Certification. Before joining our team, Holly interned with the Division of Children and Family Services to help families and children heal from past abuse and create permanent and safe homes. She has also worked with teenage girls in the foster care system and been a Clinical Case Manager for adults who faced various obstacles in seeking full time employment.

Holly likes taking a client-centered approach in therapy to help clients feel more empowered both while they are here at Family Support and Treatment Center and when they are at home, work, etc. She has received training in Sand Tray Therapy, Play Therapy, and Trauma-Focused CBT, along with interventions from CBT, ACT, and Motivational Interviewing.

When Holly is not at work, she loves creative projects like refurbishing furniture or cooking and baking. She also loves Yoga, bike rides, reading fiction and biographies. But mostly she loves doing something with her friends and skyping her family.

Mackenzie Quintero Edit

Mackenzie Quintero, CSW

Before working at FSTC, Mackenzie interned at the Children’s Justice Center to help families feel safe and help them heal from trauma. She also worked with the Provo School District to help provide social, emotional, and behavioral support for students and their families.

She has specific training in Play Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, and EMDR. She also received a Trauma-Informed Certification from BYU. She enjoys helping people process trauma in a safe environment. Mackenzie is also fluent in Spanish.

Mackenzie loves the outdoors, reading feel-good books, and spending time with family and friends.

Prevention Team

Kiana Miller:
Education Specialist, Parenting

Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis:
Education Specialist

Lauren recently graduated from Utah Valley University in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Family Studies. She is a licensed Family Life Educator and is certified in Trauma and Crisis Response. Lauren believes many of the issues families and individuals face today can be improved, and more importantly, prevented, by education on how to develop healthy relationships. She is passionate about creating happy, healthy families and excited to have her own someday!
Lara Grether

Lara Grether:
Volunteer Coordinator & Afternoon Receptionist

Lara started volunteering for FSTC in 2018 and transitioned to become the Volunteer Coordinator in 2019. She has a BS in Biochemistry, and wants to pursue a career in Genetic Counseling. Since being with FSTC, she has developed a deeper understanding of how to help families become happier and healthier. Lara is originally from Seattle, Washington, and loves being outdoors, feeding ducks, and attending farmer’s markets and local plays.

Bryce Klingonsmith

Bryce Klingonsmith:
Adoption Respite Coordinator

Bryce found the Center during high school when he stumbled across a flyer advertising the chance to make the difference in the life of a child. He knew that he had found something special and immediately began volunteering in the Crisis Respite Nursery. Years later, as the Adoption Respite Coordinator, Bryce is excited to help the staff, parents, and children with whom he’ll come in contact in any way possible. In his spare time, he enjoys pottery, mountaineering, and a good fruit smoothie.

Administrative Team

Camila Rosas, MBA:
Business Manager

Andra Koether:
Office Manager

Andra has been with the agency for eight years and has 15+ years experience in an office setting. She considers Family Support a second home and has grown to love everyone she gets to work with. She enjoys being the office manager because of the opportunity it provides to work closely with both clients and coworkers. An avid puzzler, Andra is able to problem solve and multi-task to coordinate scheduling, as well as other needs of the agency. Some of her biggest loves outside of work include spending time with her two children, hiking, camping, and going to the symphony or opera.