Crisis Respite Nursery

Our Crisis Respite Nursery gives stressed parents a break.

This free, 24/7 service is a safe, home-like place for children under 12 years old whose families need extra support during stressful situations. We provide an environment where children have the opportunity for positive interactions with adults, while parents can address critical family issues.

Please call 801-229-1181 to schedule an appointment for your child—you must call first to reserve a space in the nursery.

While our nursery has normal business hours (M-Th 9-9; F 9-5; Sat 4-8) for a respite—a break—it is also available 24/7 for crisis situations. Please call, day or night, for more information.

Six happy children

Adoption Respite

Respite services are available for families who have adopted at least one child and who currently coordinate with the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS).

This Respite gives parents time to spend with each other or to work on personal/family issues while the children are safely cared for. Respite time is usually provided “in-home” which is especially helpful for children easily triggered by attachment or abandonment issues.

These services are available in Utah, Wasatch, Summit, Millard and Juab counties. On-site services are also available at our center in Orem.

Help Hotlines

Call our  hotline at 801-229-1181 for information about the Crisis Respite Nursery or for help with crisis intervention/referral services for your children.

For more comprehensive information about all local community services, contact our partners at United Way of Utah County 211 or Utah County Crisis Line. For Mental Health emergencies, contact Wasatch Mental Health.

United Way of Utah County 2-1-1:   just dial 2-1-1 or 801-374-2588

Utah County Crisis Line:  801-691-LIFE (5433)

Wasatch Mental Health: 801-373-7393 Utah County; 801-318-4016 Wasatch County

For info about Crisis Nurseries in OTHER communities, see the Utah Association of Family Support Centers web site at