Educational Programs

We seek to prevent abuse or neglect through several educational programs and services.

Prevention and personal safety presentations are made to local community groups and schools on appropriate topics such as personal safety, sexual abuse prevention, dynamics of abuse, dating violence, depression & suicide prevention.

Parenting classes and “in-home” coaching is available, including for nearby rural communities.

Training on Trauma Resilience is available for teachers, administrators, parents and other community leaders interested in better supporting children who have experienced trauma and stress.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention education is available for schools as part of our Empowering EveryBODY program.

Prevention and Personal Safety Presentations

Presentations are made to local community groups and schools in the Alpine, Provo and Nebo districts. No cost, district-approved information is presented to preschool through high school students. Topics for younger children include personal safety and sexual abuse prevention. Topics for older students or community groups include dynamics of abuse, dating violence, stress management, depression & suicide prevention and positive child guidance.

Here is a free, downloadable resource to help you talk to your kids about child abuse, body ownership and sometimes difficult topics.

These FREE presentations fill up quickly. Please schedule today!

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Parenting Program

Based on Love, Limits and Latitude, this program is offered in homes as well as traditional classes. The traditional 10 week, group course is offered several times each year. In rural communities or areas where resources are limited, the “in-home” parenting program has been particularly beneficial. These services are available in Utah, Wasatch, Summit, Millard and Juab counties.

Contact us for a current schedule and for more information.!

Trauma Resilience Initiative

The Utah County area Trauma Resilience Initiative was started to create trauma-informed adults so they can provide better support to children who have experienced toxic stress from adverse experiences. Educational presentations on the neurobiological effects of toxic stress, tools for helping traumatized children and support resources available locally and online are conducted with school staff, parents and care providers.


YESS Group

Agency clients are eligible for participation in the Enhancement of Social Skills (YESS) groups. These classes are free for children ages 5-11 and offered in the summer with registration beginning May 1st. It is a ten week course with various topics such as communication, team work, expressing emotions, safety and peer pressure. Other children currently enrolled in therapy at an alternative agency will be considered with a referral from their current therapist, however, priority will be given to agency clients.

This group is held at our Orem office. Please call after May 1 to register!